Still a weenie

The more wisened readers here may remember many years ago, during the Anita Hill/Clarence Thomas debacle, Orrin Hatch was one of the GOPers assigned to take down Hill.  I remember driving in downtown Salt Lake City that fall and passing by a bunch of women protesting Orrin’s involvement in the hearings.  Several of them held large signs saying, “Honk if you think Orrin’s a weenie!” 

Naturally, I laid on the horn in rapid staccato – as my Republican leaning wife punched my arm.

Well, Hatch is still in DC.

And he’s still a weenie.


Pigs fly at the Utah legislature

Of all the craven turn abouts.

Utah cities and counties, pondering whether they should follow Salt Lake City’s lead on protecting gay and transgender residents from discrimination, could get a green light from an unexpected source: Sen. Chris Buttars.

Buttars, a West Jordan Republican and fiery opponent of gay rights, said Wednesday he “very well might” sponsor legislation in 2010 that would allow local governments to adopt such anti-discrimination measures for housing and employment — but forbid them from going any further on gay rights.

Buttars is an asshat, but you have to admit making the Eagle lay an egg is amusing. Just this is a trojan horse intended to limit civil rights advances, not further them.  He’s trying to bail water from the canoe, not get to shore.

Woo F***ing Hoo



Apparently the Mormon church set an official spokesperson to a public hearing on a non-discrimination ordinance that would protect LGBT people from housing and job discrimination. In a nutshell,

The Church supports this ordinance because it is fair and reasonable and does not do violence to the institution of marriage. It is also entirely consistent with the Church’s prior position on these matters. The Church remains unequivocally committed to defending the bedrock foundation of marriage between a man and a woman.(Deseret News

Oh, gee, thanks. In other words, we’ll let the gays live and work as long as their presence doesn’t threaten our “standards.” We still oppose society officially recognizing their relationships, we can still call them sick and mentally disturbed any time we feel like it and we can still kick them out of BYU if the mood takes us, so it doesn’t matter. Oh, and (bonus!) we have just upped the ante on our victim role because: See how nice we really are?

Oh, and Michael Otterson? The Managing Director of the LDS Church’s Public Affairs? In other words a hired PR gun. Where was Monson? Packer? Anyone from the Twelve? Well, except Oaks. I’ll bet you won’t see him in the public spotlight again any time soon. Hell, even someone from the warm and fuzzy arm of the church, The General Relief Society Presidency, would have been better than Otterson. By sending Otterson the Church was making another statement. “This is just policy. This doesn’t carry the weight of doctrine, so you can ignore it if you want.” What do you bet most True Believing Mormons do exactly that?

Case in point: This isn’t anything they haven’t said before. The Mormon church said essentially the same thing during the Prop8 stupidity as well, but when it came time to actually pass legislation on the Hill in Utah, did Utah Legislators take statements of PR arm of the church as evidence that passing non-discrimination and equal protection laws was the right thing to do? Nope. Did the Mormon church send an spokesperson to the Hill to give legislators permission encourage legislators to enact said laws? Nope.

It would be funny but…

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. . .I think he’s serious.

Hatch asserted that the health bills, which he believes represent a “step-by-step approach to socialized medicine,” will lead to Americans’ dependence on Democrats for their health and other issues. “And if they get there, of course, you’re going to have a very rough time having a two-party system in this country, because almost everybody’s going to say, ‘All we ever were, all we ever are, all we ever hope to be depends on the Democratic Party,’ ” Hatch said. . . .(

It boggles the mind that he can say that with a straight face. If I had time, I’ll bet I could find at least a dozen similar quotes regarding the New Deal. Well, 70 years later we’re still not a socialist state and we still have a two-party system. True to conservative form, if facts aren’t on your side, try hysteria.