The company they keep

It’s taken a while, but Powerline is finally recognized as being too nutty, evey by LGF standards.

Overdue, but well done.


When wingnuts attack

It seems my friend Joe has been called out for not being reliably conservative, this time by my long time friend and former co-blogger Mick Stockinger.

There’s a lot of room to argue about this sort of thing when Tom Delay and Trent Lott represent the right, and Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid the left, but even on that scale, I’m comfortable within the Blue Dog zone, and that’s probably where I belong. Still, I understand completely why my key card to the conservative circle of trust has been revoked, after all, in the very post Mick links to, my advice to Republicans was:

Off with you all, now. Put your thinking caps on, buy a good pair of sandals and a sturdy robe, and start to grow your beards. We’ll check back in with you in eight years or so.

Well, let’s put it in simple terms.  Joe is capable of independent thought, and is looking to advance specific policies rather than a political party or platform.

Mick is a nice guy and I say that even though we no longer blog together.  But sometime over the last few years he’s lost what attracted me to his writings in the first place – objectivity and  an uncommon perceptiveness of people and events.

The sad reality is some people are simply unwilling to recognize what has happened during the Bush administration, and what its effects on conservatism in the US have been.  When people like Joe and John Cole, who are neither liberal nor progressive, are flocking to the Democratic Party, something is rotten in the state of the GOP.

We approach 2008 election with democratic candidates who are imperfect, but are clearly a cut above the GOP offerings – a party which controlled Congress for most of Bush’s presidency and stood by holding the lube while the administration proceeded to rape the Constitution.

I am proud to consider people like Joe and John my friends – as well as others who are concerned about what these last eight years have wrought and how to restore the balance of power in Washington.