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Failure to report

Posted by Greg on October 20, 2010

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Speaking of new rules…

Posted by Greg on June 6, 2010

Another advocate that we stop pretending there are two sides to every issue.

Read Bill Maher’s commentary on it here.

That’s the problem with our obsession with always seeing two sides of every issue equally — especially when one side has a lot of money. It means we have to pretend there are always two truths, and the side that doesn’t know anything has something to say. On this side of the debate: Every scientist in the world. On the other: Mr. Potato Head.

There is no debate here — just scientists vs. non-scientists, and since the topic is science, the non-scientists don’t get a vote. We shouldn’t decide everything by polling the masses. Just because most people believe something doesn’t make it true. This is the fallacy called argumentum ad numeram: the idea that something is true because great numbers believe it. As in: Eat shit, 20 trillion flies can’t be wrong.

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Glenn Beck exceeds his usual reprehehsible standards

Posted by Greg on February 16, 2010

What a douche bag.  The man has no decency, no clue, no soul.

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And they’re just noticing now?

Posted by Greg on December 23, 2009

Garrison Keillor is a shallow, ill tempered,  self important, douche bag. I’m surprised it takes something like this for more people to notice.

Hat tip:  Brayton

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Caught in the act

Posted by Greg on September 21, 2009

Jed at Daily Kos has a good summary of Faux News getting caught with their hand in the till, so to speak.

The video isn’t really a surprise: anyone whose watched coverage of protests can see that Fox is sympathetic to the protesters, but this video offered a rare behind-the-scenes glimpse of Fox actually fueling the fire of the very same crowds they claim to be covering.

All the news that’s fit to invent.

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Holding Faux News Accountable

Posted by Greg on June 2, 2009

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Media Fail

Posted by Greg on March 18, 2009

Why the latest Faux News Foible is so pathetic:

Biased journalism can be worthwhile. Fox News likes to maintain the fiction that it’s completely impartial — insulting even its own viewers’ intelligence — but the network’s obvious partisanship is only part of the problem.

The more painful shortcoming, as Orr explained, is that Fox News can’t even do biased journalism well. It sets embarrassingly low standards — literally running using Republican Party talking points as an on-air script, and then apologizing for the typo, was a unique humiliation — and then fails to even try to meet them.

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Fairly unbalanced

Posted by Greg on March 18, 2009

Oh Greta, how the great are fallen

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CNBC still hasn’t learned

Posted by Greg on March 11, 2009

They should know better than to come unarmed to a battle of wits.

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When will they learn?

Posted by Greg on March 10, 2009

CNBC should learn to stop messing with TDS.

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Reality and newspapers

Posted by Greg on March 9, 2009

Kathy Gill explores the myth of paid content.

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Time to complete potty training…

Posted by Greg on February 12, 2009

It would appear the royals have had enough of Harry’s foot in mouth disease:

Britain’s Prince Harry has been sent on course on equality and diversity after a series of high profile racial gaffes have damaged the young royal’s reputation, it was reported Thursday.

Harry, an officer in the British Army, was formally disciplined by superiors after videos surfaced showing him using offensive language — referring to a fellow soldier as a “Paki” and another as looking “like a raghead.”

Now, according to the Daily Mirror newspaper, the 24-year-old has been ordered to attend lessons on how not to be racist and gain understanding of how offensive his comments are. …

The latest development follows a new claim that the prince, third in line to throne, told a black British comedian that he didn’t “sound like a black chap.”

In a 2005 gaffe, Harry apologized after he was photographed wearing a Nazi uniform at a party.

Hat tip: WKW@Shakesville

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Calling Faux News

Posted by Greg on February 10, 2009

It’s not a secret that Fox “News” tools are adjuncts to the Republican”t PR machine, but do they have to be so blatant about it?

During the February 10 edition of Fox News’ Happening Now, co-host Jon Scott claimed that “the Senate is expected to pass the $838 billion stimulus plan — its version of it, anyway. We thought we’d take a look back at the bill, how it was born, and how it grew, and grew, and grew.” In tracking how and when the bill purportedly “grew,” Scott referenced seven dates, as on-screen graphics cited various news sources from those time periods. However, all of the sources and cost figures Scott cited, as well as the accompanying on-screen text, were also contained in a February 10 press release issued by the Senate Republican Communications Center. One on-screen graphic during the segment even repeated a typo from the GOP document, further confirming that Scott was simply reading from a Republican press release. The Fox News graphic and the GOP press release both claimed that a Wall Street Journal report that the stimulus package could reach “$775 billion over two years” was published on December 19, 2009

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From the batshit crazy files

Posted by Greg on February 4, 2009

Crooks and Liars analyzes Glenn Beck:

I’m not sure what Fox News thought it was getting when it hired Glenn Beck away from CNN, but what they’re getting is one serious train wreck of some of the most gobsmackingly weird and embarrassingly maudlin on-air performances in major-network history. Considering that we’re talking about Fox here, that’s saying something.

On Monday for one of his monologue segments Beck had the camera zoom in on his eyes so people could see them, while another camera kept his headshot in view. It was obvious what they were trying to achieve: Look into his eyes and see his earnest sincerity and you know he’s a guy just like you and me and isn’t that swell and make you feel better, and doesn’t he make sense even when he talks complete lunacy?

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The death of irony

Posted by Greg on January 19, 2009

Apparently, This Land was NOT Made for You and Me.  Obsidian Wings has the goods.

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