Selective outrage

Glenn Greenwald writes brilliantly on the right wing’s selective manipulation of Catholicism for political purposes.  Read it in full.


Blogger ethics

I have endorsed Online Integrity, a statement of ethics and respect in internet interaction within the blogosphere. 

Signatories and endorsers appear in the blogroll to the right. Adherence to this statement begins at the moment of endorsement — some of the originators of this statement have not always followed its principles, but we are all committed to doing so now.

This statement is nonpartisan and nonideological. It is open to participants and adherents left, right and center. In an era when online activism and community have more impact, promise and peril than ever, it is essential that we seize upon the best aspects of the internet — its self-policing, democratic nature — and use them to set an example of reasoned restraint and considered civility.

Read the statement.  It's an understatement to say that some of the endorsers haven't always lived up to the standard.  Here's hope for the future.

Hat tip:  TMV

New blogroll

I've added Coyote Blog to the blogroll.  Uncommonly wise libertarian musings like this:

After spending gobs of electrons on this post about the US trade deficit explaining why it is not a debt, and is not even necessarily bad, I got a depressing number of comments and emails like this one:

The trade deficit is a debt. We cannot get the dollars back we have spendt unless we export to get them back. It is called an external debt for a reason. It is called a current account debto for a reason.

Aaaaargh.  It is depressing that we can get such economic ignorance, particularly in a self-righteous way.  The crappy media coverage of these issues has people convinced that it just has to be this big old debt out there someone is going to have to repay someday. 

Someone who gets it.  Bliss….