An embarrassment to his tradition

I have a distant cousin with nearly the same name.  Generally the “fame” is relative and minimal, but sometimes it becomes amusing as during the last week or so when he’s been active in the media, saying some very good things with which I largely agree.  Of course, since our names are similar I also get both kudos and criticisms intended for him.  Makes me wonder if he got any hate mail for times I’ve been quoted in the media, or had things I’ve written show up on Time or on MSNBC.

At any rate, here’s the bottom line, and the areas in which Gregory A. Prince was right on track.

Coming down to the wire we see the Romney campaign becoming more and more desperate, more and more unhinged.  We also, though not by the campaigns design, been exposed to a plutocratic, social Darwinist attitude in the candidate that makes him, if anything, even less likable than previously thought.  It’s a problem, a real problem.

To this end a different Greg Prince – a distant cousin – wrote a scathing review in the Huffington Post, which was later picked up and expanded upon by Senator Harry Reid.

When the news of Mitt Romney’s Florida video broke on Monday evening, I was incensed — but not for its political implications. His arrogant and out-of-hand dismissal of half the population of this country struck me at a visceral level, for it sullied the religion that he and I share — the religion for which five generations of my ancestry have lived and sacrificed, the religion whose official mantra is “to take care of the poor and needy throughout the world.” My first impulse was to rent an airplane towing a banner: “Mitt Romney is Not the Face of Mormonism!”

Unlike my cousin, I have never been a supporter of Multiple Choice Mitt.  I might have supported him in the ninties when he was running for Senate against Ted Kennedy – and attacking him from the left.  But since then he’s gone so far off the deep end nobody knows what his beliefs are any more, that is if he has beliefs other than that he should be president.

But Romney’s confusion is typical of what we find on the religious right, and within the larger LDS community he and Harry Reid share. The prosperity gospel has combined with the nastiest form of Randian social Darwinism writ large.

And Jesus wept.


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