All she wrote?

It’s looking as though Multiple Choice Mitt is nearing the end of the chase.  I stand corrected, I’d have never guessed a year ago that he could be the frontrunner. But given the state of the competition…  The not Mitts simply never came together, and even after the Christianist enclave last weekend in Texas, the partisans for Gingrich and Santorum still can’t get it together.

Interestingly, Romney seems to be coming up with his own google problem.  In honor of the family dog Seamus, to Romney means…well, follow the link.


3 thoughts on “All she wrote?

  1. Hey Greg, I don’t know if u remember me, but This is Julie pitcher from Logan utah. A recent conversation with my youngest daughter reminded me of several conversations we had while we worked on the usu religious studies program. I remember u saying the church needed people like me, that if I just gave up and was inactive I wasn’t helping bring about the changes we needed. While I’m still inactive, my youngest daughter is trying to stay in and be the change agent unenvisioned. I’ll always be grateful for the opportunity I had to meet you.

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