Someone get the popcorn

A frothy surprise has come out of Iowa.  Rick Santorum appears to have essentially tied for first in the first in the nation Iowa GOP Caucus.   Senator Frothy is neck and neck with Multiple Choice Mitt, having flipped for top all night.  At this point, with 99% reporting, Romney leads by one vote according to CNN.  It’s that close.

Jim Carville is right, they just don’t want to vote for Romney.

There is one screaming, huge story here tonight and that is these Republicans just don’t want to vote for Mitt Romney. I mean it’s like you’re trying to give a dog a pill. They keep spitting it up. Now, they’re going to eat the pill, ’cause Romney’s going to eventually be the nominee, but…

And it’s the same thing he had before and he’s got a weaker field. It just don’t matter where he comes in, they don’t want to vote for him.

Perhaps he overstates the case a bit, but Romney just doesn’t resonate with the base.  Or anyone else really.  He’s a boring John Kerry on the wrong side of the issues.

I used to think Romney would never be the nominee, I am rethinking this.  Not that the GOP suddenly likes him, but who else is there?  Santorum is the latest not Mitt, but he won’t have any staying power outside of a few places, like Iowa, where the GOP base is even crazier than normal.

But the GOP typically nominates the next guy in line, and this year it’s Romney.  That said, Gingrich isn’t going away yet, and Romney led the charge knocking him out of first place in Iowa, not to mention the national polls.  He’s quick on his feet and a good debater.  And while he isn’t likely to get the nomination, his sights are targeting Mitt right now.  It will be fun to watch.

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