Steve King is a raving lunatic

The infamous congressman actually says all Americans have health care.  Hm…

Hunter at Kos says it best:

What a noble sentiment. And what a spectacularly, blatantly false one. One would have to believe King knows full well it is false, but then again he is a conservative Republican, and conservative Republicans are at this point synonymous with manufactured realities in which tax cuts cause unicorns to fart rainbows of money across the land and decent public education is the gateway to Stalinism. So it is equally possible that King is being honest, at least within the narrow confines of his own head, and he honestly believes that no Americans are out there who do not have basic health care.

But I know some of the very people who King claims do not exist, and I expect you do too. One of my own close relatives suffers from an untreated hernia — simple enough to fix, but untreated because he is uninsured. He has an option, of course. His “option” is to wait for it to get bad enough to cause an intestinal strangulation — a likelihood, at this point — at which point he will be rushed to the emergency room, hopefully operated on, and then receive a bill for some outrageous figure that he will not be able to pay. But he will only receive this treatment if it reaches the point where he will die without it — merely being incapacitated is insufficient to receive health care.

Read the whole piece.



One thought on “Steve King is a raving lunatic

  1. This isn’t a whole lot different than Orrin Hatch saying “We have the best health care in the world and we shouldn’t jeopardize that.” No, he has the best health care in the world and doesn’t want to jeopardize that.

    We talk a lot about the uninsured, but what about the under-insured? Hunter’s relative could have one of those “consumer health plans” (read: the consumer pays for it) and still not be able to afford hernia surgery.

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