Can you hear my blood boiling?

by Sean, crossposted from Hiding in the Backwaters:

Saw this today in a comment thread on Facebook:

…expanding real competition by allowing insurance companies to issue health policies across state lines, changing deductables[sic] and coverage to encourage people to only go to the doctor when they need to, and to pay more of their health costs themselves directly.

First: I’m no insurance industry expert, but I’m a bit confused by the first statement there. So Blue Cross/Blue Shield only operates in one state? Cigna? Humana? You’re telling me the legal hoo ha that creates separate business entities per state prevents these three (and all the rest) from competing with each other on a national level? Really? I’m not sure how that’s even relevant. My understanding is the industry is driven more my local markets than national ones.

Second: The only people who talk about consumers bearing more of their health care costs directly are the people with insurance coverage good enough that they pay for very little themselves. As someone who has one of these “consumer health plans” and who often wakes up in pain from a bum shoulder that needs some kind of medical assessment, but who can’t do anything about it because he can’t afford a $100 office visit—assuming the doctor doesn’t order an x-ray or (god help me) an MRI, and we’ll just try to not contemplate the possibility of surgery—I have two words for you. Bite me.

Third: The same people who think consumers should bear more of their health care costs are the same people who are freaking out because they think Obama is going to “take away their health care.” So what they are really saying is “Someone needs to bear the costs of health care, just not me.” Self serving bastards.


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