Jefferson’s whole thought

Prooftexting is as dangerous in the political arena as in the spiritual.  Exhibit one would be the wingnut fetish with a certain quote by Thomas Jefferson to the effect that the tree of liberty must be refreshed with the blood of patriots.

Not surprisingly, the full context take it in a different direction.  This great piece at Firedoglake provides an analysis.

I wonder how many of the misguided wingnuts who intimidate and strive to thuggishly silence their fellow citizens have read the whole passage? They may be comforted by what seems to be stirring phrase, when torn out of context, but they shouldn’t. They misunderstand its meaning, and misunderstand their fate if they give in to violence.

Jefferson told the rest of the citizenry what to do in the face of any such violent watering. Jefferson’s advice to the peaceful is much more arduous than striking out in ignorant violence, but we cannot shrink from his instructions. It is our duty as patriotic citizens to remember the words that surround that disturbing phrase, and act on them if necessary.

Rooting out the evil

My friends at Cadillac Tight discuss the corruption in the Bush Justice Department.  Read it.

It is difficult to imagine any practice more deeply corrupt than a presidential administration distorting the criminal justice system in order to use it as a partisan weapon against its political enemies.
Newly released documents, including thousands of pages of White House emails, show that Karl Rove, Harriet Meiers and other high-ranking political figures in the Bush White House were deeply involved in using the federal criminal justice machinery to further their partisan political goals — including successfully orchestrating the firing of a top federal prosecutor who failed to bring criminal prosecutions against Democratic politicians because the evidence did not support bringing criminal charges. And, not surprisingly, Karl Rove also lied to Congress about his role in this corruption.

Falling for it

I suppose it isn’t surprising the birthers are so desperate to believe they’ll fall for an obvious hoax.  But it remains a sad spectacle of how little of substance the right wing has to say.  Ed Brayton discusses:

Dave Weigel, my Center for Independent Media colleague, has an article at the Washington Independent about the latest idiocy from Orly Taitz, the endlessly ridiculous leader of the birthers. It’s a fake Kenyan birth certificate. Naturally, it’s the Worldnutdaily credulously publishing about it and calling it real:

“The new document released by Taitz bears none of the obvious traits of a hoax.”Really? None of the obvious traits of a hoax? Take it away, Mr. Weigel: