“Asshat” is too kind for Sacha Baron-Cohen

Oh how I loathe that man and his variant of “humor”.

But his latest stunt really is over the top.  And Melissa McEwan nails it.

Eminem has alluded to, on multiple occasions, having been molested as a child. (His new album contains a widely discussed track in which he imagines a child being raped by a stepfather.) I don’t know for certain whether he has been, although I suspect it’s likely given his fascination with the subject and his evident anger surrounding it. It’s really incidental, except insomuch as how much worse this will have been for him if he is a survivor of sexual abuse.

And because there was more reason than usual to stop and think about how fucked-up this “joke” really is.

Baron-Cohen certainly is aware of the same almost-but-not-quite admissions Eminem has made about his childhood that I am, and he went ahead with this stunt, anyway. Most of the people in that audience, and probably most of the people who have viewed the video and found it hilarious, are aware of the possibility that Baron-Cohen was sticking his genitals and butt into the face of someone who is very likely a survivor of sexual abuse.

Yet it’s all so goddamned funny—because most of us won’t even make the connection between what Baron-Cohen is doing and sexual abuse.


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