Jon Stewart on Obama’s failure to communicate

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Pots and kettles

You know, if there’s anyone who shouldn’t bring up the issue of mental stability, it’s Michele Bachmann.

I know everyone deserves representation in Congress, but can’t the deranged whack job demographic go back to looking to Texas and Georgia for their standardbearers?

Sixth district, WTF have you been smoking?

A bad week for icons

Ed McMahon, Farrah, and Michael Jackson? Wow.

Ed (and Johnny) were such standards, and how cool was it that when we had sleep overs, we’d stay up and watch?

Yes, I had the poster.  Everyone did.

And Michael…wow.  Too young.  So much of my generation’s high school experience was lived with Michael as the background soundtrack.

Profoundly depressing…as many of us were lamenting last night, we aren’t that old, and neither was he.

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