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Stewart rips them. Part 1

Posted by Greg on May 15, 2009

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The cost of budget cuts

Posted by Greg on May 14, 2009

An effective part two.

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Caught red handed

Posted by Greg on May 14, 2009

You’d think the children in the Minnesota GOP could at least pretend to pay attention during budget meetings?

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This isn’t what Minnesota is about?

Posted by Greg on May 13, 2009

The bottom line is we’re still a billion short in revenue.  Governor Pawlenty wants to borrow and cut essential services.  That is not a solution.  We deserve better.

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Confess Dick

Posted by Greg on May 13, 2009

It’s not often I’m proud of Jesse Ventura, one of my state’s more … colorful governors.  But this is priceless.

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A sea of change

Posted by Greg on May 13, 2009

Amazing what little tidbits nearly get missed, but it appears Obama is serious about a goal of a nuke free world.

Obama’s new budget plan includes a little-noted sea change in U.S. nuclear policy, and a step towards his vision of a denuclearized world. It provides no funding for the Reliable Replacement Warhead program, created to design a new generation of long-lasting nuclear weapons that don’t need to be tested. (The military is worried that a nuclear test moratorium in effect since 1992 might endanger the reliability of an aging US arsenal.) But this spring Obama issued a bold call for a world free of nuclear weapons, and part of that vision entails leading by example. That means halting programs that expand the American nuclear stockpile. For the past two budget years the Democratic Congress has refused to fund the Bush-era program. But Obama’s budget kills the National Nuclear Security Administration program once and for all.

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A subtle shift toward reality

Posted by Greg on May 7, 2009

The GOP is making strides toward turning down the losing cultural warrior rhetoric.

When the National Council for a New America, the Republican rebranding initiative, unveiled a list of broad policy priorities last week, it left out cultural and social issues altogether. Nothing about abortion, gays, state-sponsored religion, etc. It suggested a subtle realization — the GOP won’t get back on track fighting the losing side of a culture war.

Naturally, their allies in the religious wrong are not pleased.

Too many Republicans leaders are running scared on the claims of the Left and the media that social conservatism is a dead-end for the GOP. If that were the case, why are pro-family leaders like Mike Huckabee creating such excitement in the conservative base? The Republican establishment doesn’t draw a crowd. Governor Sarah Palin does. Also, take a look at the recent Pew Research poll, which showed overall support for abortion in America has dropped eight percentage points in the last year and support for it among moderate and liberal Republicans has dropped a whopping 24%. Based on that, how can the GOP suggest that life is a losing issue? If there were a road sign for the GOP on this new journey, it would read: Welcome to the wilderness. You’re going to be there for awhile.

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Defining torture down

Posted by Greg on May 4, 2009

Sully raises an excellent point:

One way to look at how the Bush administration redefined torture out of existence, so that it could, er, torture human beings, is to compare their criteria for “enhanced interrogation” with those for rape.

Raping someone need not leave any long-term physical scars; it certainly doesn’t permanently impair any bodily organ; it has no uniquely graphic dimensions …. and although it’s cruel, it’s hardly unusual…. So ask yourself: if Abu Zubaydah had been raped 83 times, would we be talking about no legal consequences for his rapist – or the people who monitored and authorized the rape?

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So stoopid it’s painful

Posted by Greg on May 1, 2009

When is the sixth district going to wake up?

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