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Whither the outrage

Posted by Greg on April 17, 2009

Great point at TMV – are the right things being protested? Where is the outrage on the right?

I can’t help but notice the radio silence from the Right on the release of the Bush OLC torture memos. Andrew Sullivan made the same point earlier today. The biggest voices on the right – Malkin, Instapundit, Drudge – have said absolutely nothing about the release of these stunning memos.

Why is this worth mentioning?

Because, just yesterday, these same figures on the Right touted a nationwide series of demonstrations against all sorts of supposed government oppression. In hundreds of demonstrations around the country, protesters waved placards proclaiming Obama a fascist, supporting individual liberty, and decrying the Federal government’s abridgment of Constitutional limitations.

And so, the very next day, we get explicit evidence that the Federal government DID, in fact, live out the fears of these protesters by shredding all legal proscriptions against torture. So, where is the outrage on the Right about this? I thought the protesters were angry at Obama AND Bush for “expanding the government.” Surely, there is no greater expansion of the government than the ability to disregard all Constitutional protections of detainees, and then to torture suspects – some of whom have been PROVEN to be completely innocent.


One Response to “Whither the outrage”

  1. David said

    Not much outrage because we have already been through this torture debate ad nauseum. Plus, there are no Constitutional protections for detainees, as they are not United States citizens. The majority of people on the right are more concerned right now about a government out of control and drunk with power, spending our future away like crack addicts – not about stuff that may have happened during the last administration.

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