American Prospect on the earmarks battle

American Prospect on the earmarks battle

A great piece on why for all the whining, earmarks aren’t going anywhere .

There’s nothing partisan about earmarks — Republicans do it,
Democrats do it, and if you were a member of Congress, you’d do it,
too. But for the moment, Republicans are far more dependent than
Democrats on their ability to take some credit for federally funded
projects. In the world with earmarks, Lindsay Graham is able to stand
against the president on stimulus, on the budget, on Iraq, on health
care. And then he’s able to go home, cut a ribbon, get his picture in
the paper, and tell everyone that he delivered the money for the new
Myrtle Beach Convention Center.

But in a world without earmarks, what does Lindsay Graham bring
home? Just words, and great stories about how he fought bravely against
health care and economic stimulus.

Whereas a Democrat in a world without earmarks will be able to go
home, ideally, and tell her constituents that she supported a popular
president, that she helped rescue the economy, that she’s moving us
toward universal health care.

Ironic that the earmark process is the only took the GOP has left these days, and by their own design.


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