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They elect her why?

Posted by Greg on March 31, 2009

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Paying the piper

Posted by Greg on March 31, 2009

Are progressives finally getting serious about fundraising for blue dogs?  It made sense to put party first when Democrats were in the minority, but with a solid majority the time has come to look for quality.

Chris Bowers opines:

If we keep sending the Blue Dogs millions of dollars in small, online donations every year, then there is no incentive for Blue Dogs to ever change their behavior, or for Democratic candidates to not seek out membership in the Blue Dog coalition. Currently, being a member, or prospective member, of the Blue Dog coalition provides you access to a network of Hill staff, corproate lobbyists and their PACs, large donor fundraisers, and press releases back home to talk about how you aren’t like those other, dirty liberal Democrats. If we want to change Democratic behavior in Congress, we have stop adding even more incentives for Democrats to become Blue Dogs. Instead, we must offer strong disincentives for them to become Blue Dogs, such as a significantly reduced access to online, small donor fundraising.

Unfortunately, in Scott Murphy’s case, small online donors raised over $300,000 for him even after Murphy had stated he was applying to join the Blue Dogs. That has to stop. Before we raise money for other congressional candidates in 2009-2010, we have to extract promises from those candidates that they won’t join either the Blue Dogs (for House candidates) or Evan Bayh’s groups (for Senate candidates).

No more money for the Blue Dogs. We can’t continue to ratify their efforts to push the Democratic Party to the right. There are plenty of candidates and organizations working to push the party in the opposite direction to whom we small online donors should give our money.

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Held hostage by a volcano

Posted by Greg on March 31, 2009

Alaska’s senator speaks up in favor of volcano monitoring.

Yet, she voted against volcano monitoring when it came up in the stimulus package.

But hey, what are the needs of her constituents when there are political points to be scored?

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Can’t Have it All

Posted by Greg on March 30, 2009

I love Jay Brannan.

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Posted by Greg on March 26, 2009

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Analyzing the social contract

Posted by Greg on March 26, 2009

Interesting bit by Josh Marshall

We’ve been in the midst of the reporting on the AIG bonus story and related high-octane blow-ups over compensation and the behavior of key players in the finance sector. And we’ve seen a non-trivial number of complaints that we’re sensationalizing this or that story or engaging in ‘cheap’ populism. Beside the reporting innards of the story, though, what interests me about this meta-story is the way it shows the implicit social contract under deep strain and some people operating totally outside of it without realizing it at all.

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It all depends on who’s speaking

Posted by Greg on March 26, 2009

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Oh my…

Posted by Greg on March 25, 2009


But did they actually air this?

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Strong words in the parliament

Posted by Greg on March 25, 2009

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This has potential for major cuteness

Posted by Greg on March 25, 2009

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Egg on his face

Posted by Greg on March 23, 2009

Often it takes longer than a month for the athlete’s tongue to start growing from a conservative response.

An erupting Mount Redoubt exploded again at 4:31 this morning — its fifth and strongest discharge yet — sending an ash cloud to new heights, the Alaska Volcano Observatory reported.

Ash has now been detected at 60,000 feet above sea level, the National Weather Service reported.

Wonder if Jindal thinks volcano monitoring matters now.  Perhaps we will let Jindal sign off on volcano monitoring and let Palin sign off on levee building.

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The death of constitutionalism?

Posted by Greg on March 23, 2009

Or at least of civil rights?

Terrence asks the right questions.

This has been in the back of my mind for a while now, so I’m just gonna go ahead and say it: If the California Supreme Court upholds proposition 8, it will signify nothing less than the death of civil rights in this country.

Think I’m wrong? Well, which of these folks do you want voting on your civil rights?

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Sully on the tea partiers

Posted by Greg on March 23, 2009

Sullivan puts it pretty clearly:

My sense is that it is a delayed reaction in some ways to Bush, and his betrayal of conservatism. For all sorts of reasons, most of the current tea-partiers backed the GOP under Bush and Cheney, although some, to be fair, did complain about some of it. The pent-up frustrations behind conservatism’s collapse under Republicans were trumped, however, by the fruits of power, partisan hatred of “the left”, defensiveness over the Iraq war and torture, and, above all religious devotion to the Leader. Now that Bush has been removed, the massive damage done, and a pragmatic liberal is trying to sort out the mess in a sane, orderly fashion, they’ve gone nuts.

Think of someone like Glenn Beck.

He sat back and watched Bush preside over the worst domestic attack in US history, explode the entitlement state, engage in unending projects of nation-building in two of the most dysfunctional countries on earth, rip up the Constitution, and bequeath as his legacy a trillion dollar deficit, unprecedented domestic discretionary spending, a banking collapse and the worst recession in many many years. The right will take some time to absorb this but Bush was Carter II – with two full terms. All that rage at what has actually happened – bottled up by rank partisanship for years – has come bounding out. Hence the bizarre spectacle of a president just two months on the job being treated on the right as if he’s already Robert Mugabe. Throw in a little racial and cultural panic, add a world of genuine economic pain … and you have the Malkin surge.

Hat tip: John Cole

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Conservatives and head winds

Posted by Greg on March 23, 2009

John Cole has a few words for defenders of the status quo in conservative philosophy.

I am so sick and tired of these “esoteric” discussions about the flawless, formless, and timeless beauty of conservatism. It is utter nonsense. We got unchecked “conservatism” the past eight years, and instead of water, it felt more like urine, as they pissed all over us. Conservatism brought us an expanded surveillance state, intervention into a man’s marriage, unchecked budgets, war of aggression, torture, a rejection and mockery of both science and the rule of law, the unchecked executive branch, and on and on and on. The conservative standard bearers are now Sarah Palin and Eric Cantor and Rush Limbaugh and Joe the Plumber.

After getting hammered in two national elections, the rehabilitation of conservatism takes the form of these flowery paeans about the timeless wisdom of an ideology that is the “negation of ideology.” What a load of gibberish. At what point will these clowns realize that they sound like the Soviet apologists in the late 80’s and 90’s who wanted to tell us that communism didn’t fail, it just wasn’t properly implemented?

Read it in full.

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Obama spanks Cheney

Posted by Greg on March 23, 2009

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