The shifting center

Pollster Frank Luntz, writing in the LA Times shows how far things have shifted in terms of the tax debate:

Last month, I conducted a national survey of 800 registered voters on their attitudes toward infrastructure investment…The survey’s findings were unlike any other issue I have polled in more than a decade…A near unanimous 94% of Americans are concerned about our nation’s infrastructure. And this concern cuts across all regions of the country and across urban, suburban and rural communities. Fully 84% of the public wants more money spent by the federal government — and 83% wants more spent by state governments — to improve America’s infrastructure. And here’s the kicker: 81% of Americans are personally prepared to pay 1% more in taxes for the cause. This isn’t “soft” support for infrastructure either. It stretches from Maine to Montana, from California to Connecticut. Democrats (87%) and Republicans (74%) are prepared to, in Barack Obama’s words, put skin in the game, which tells you just how wide and deep the support is.

Interesting. David Sirota observes:

Thus, as we push for a bigger stimulus package with more spending and less tax cuts, and as we try to stop Obama and Congress from cutting more blank checks to Wall Street, we should know that even top Republican pollsters see that ou efforts are supported by the vast majority of the American people. In other words, we the progressive movement are representing the real center of American public opinion – and it’s our job to now force Washington to represent that real center, too.


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