Because that’s what monopolies do

With the merger well underway, Sirius and XM Radio have announced price increases.

If you love your Sirius or XM satellite service, now is the time to re-up your subscription for another three years. The newly unified Sirius XM is charging $2 for additional subscriptions and adding another $2.99 fee for Internet radio.

It’s fair to note they have held the line on increased over the past few years and a nominal increase is fully reasonable.  But would it occur in a competetive market?  Probably not.

And is this really the time to be raising prices?  I’ve already let my Sirius subscription expire for a while as a cost savings measure.  I’m sure I’m not alone.  I love the service, but when belt tightening, it’s something that I can live without.


2 thoughts on “Because that’s what monopolies do

  1. I’m not sure how XR/Sirus can justify an increase of more than 25%. Especially in this economy. I have 5 XM Radios. I am canceling 4 of them, and keeping my portable MYFI. It’s not just the $2.00 more a month, it’s the fact that they lied to the FCC and Congress when the said there would not be any rate increases if they merged. I would suggest the others do the same. Get a portable and just move it from car to home to wherever..

  2. It shows how weak the management team is. Instead of keeping customers and adding new customers they are losing existing customers. Might be the reason they are on the verge of bankruptcy. They will have to get twelve new subscribers when I cancel my four radios, just to stay even. What were they were thinking….

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