Baby Hitler taken into state custody

News reports indicate Adolf Hitler Campbell and his sisters have been removed from the custody of their whack job parents.

Child services is in a difficult position.  On the one hand, they perpetuate some of the worst abuses on family and innocent people imaginale, on the other hand, they are criticized for failing to act when tragedy occurs.  While the Campbell parents have questionable judgment, I am unware of evidence they are abusive or neglectful.

Good comments at the libertarian site Positive Liberty:

Not to put too fine a point on it, but the demographics and politics of your typical state child protective agency is unlikely to include even a token white supremacist these days.

That said, the decision to name one’s child “Adolph Hitler” does almost unavoidably raise the question whether the parents in this case are capable of knowing, let alone acting in their children’s best interests. Put it this way, the children are almost certainly the only sympathetic characters in the charade that will likely now ensue.

Libertarians tend to change the subject when the question of the welfare of children intrudes into the conversation. That’s a mistake. I don’t claim to have any satisfactory answers to what the proper, limited but real role of government should be when it comes to child welfare. I do know, however, that unless and until libertarianism takes the matter seriously it will remain the case that libertarianism, itself, will not be taken seriously by others.


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