The company he keeps

Jane calls it well on the whackjob christianist Obama’s tapping for the inauguration.

But rather than having faith in his own message of change and believing that the country is at a point where we’re ready to move past Warren’s kind of hate mongering, Obama chose the cynical politician’s move of flattering him and giving him a high profile gig.

So Rick Warren can play Jerry Falwell to Obama’s George Bush. Not so much change after all.

Obama is well aware of the problems that arose when he asked the homophobic Donnie McClurkin to appear on his behalf. He’s too smart not to know what would happen.

The fact that this deeply offends his “liberal supporters” once again is starting to look more like a feature than a bug.

Read it in full.

Ezra Klein is also worth reading.

The tolerance Obama is asking for, in other words, is not from Warren. It’s from the LGBT community, and women. He is asking them to be tolerant of Warren’s intolerance. It’s a cruel play, framed to marginalize the legitimate anger of those who Warren harms and discriminates against.

This might be a wise political calculation on Obama’s part. But it is a cruel thing to ask of his coalition. There’s a time to pander to intolerance, and it is called the election. The election is over. January 20th is the inauguration. Pro-choice women and gays were a significant part of Obama’s coalition, and they’re being forced to accept that the candidate they worked for will use the election they won to elevate a powerful religious leader who works often and publicly against their interests. For them, the day will be darkened.


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