Fighting for the soul

John Amato has a nice piece on the war of words going on in the GOP between Kathleen Parker and James Dobson – very different views of the future of the GOP.

The stage is set. Conservatives are fighting one another to see who will dominate the now defunct Republican party. Christian Conservatives led by James Dobson have been running things since Newt Gingrich launched his Southern Strategy back in ’94, but some conservatives are not staying silent any longer about the dominance the religious zealots have had. Kathleen Parker has been speaking up ever since Bill Kristol convinced John McCain to nominate Sarah Palin as VP in their losing effort.

Meanwhile, the wingnuts are freaking out over the possibility of Michael Steele as GOP chair.  He’s too moderate for their taste.  John Cole summarizes well:

He’s black, sympathetic to gays, pro-life, but not not rabidly so – exactly what the Republican Party needs, right? Well, I hope they don’t choose him. I hope they choose the most fucking right-wing lunatic they can find so that the rot that has become the Republican Party can fester in the wilderness for a couple decades or so.


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