Who cares about bipartisanship?

Yglesias breaks down Elizabeth Drew’s Truth about the Election and brings up some good points.

Drew observes correctly, that bipartisanship may be more difficult than Obama thinks since the GOP is becoming even more the wingnut caucus.

But does it matter?  He doesn’t think so.

The thing of it is that it doesn’t really matter what Eric Cantor thinks. The House Republicans are, in effect, irrelevant. The House GOP mattered in the 110th Congress because President Bush used his agenda-setting powers to frame a certain number of issues such that Blue Dogs agreed with the Republicans. In the 111th Congress, you’ll have more liberals (making Blue Dog votes less necessary) plus more Blue Dogs (reducing the proportion of the Blue Dog faction you need to get all the Blue Dog votes you need) and a Democratic president who presumably won’t deliberately shift the agenda to terrain that lets the Republicans get the upper hand.


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