Looking good in Minnesota

Hat tip to MNPublius which highights a new Dartmouth study examining the Minnesota senate race and finding everything to be running above board, and that Al Franken has a very good chance of winning this thing.

The 30+ page study takes a look at everything from the spatial distribution of voters, to the recount process in Minnesota, to the relative rates at which identifiable voter groups commit error on optical scan ballots, and comes to the conclusion that ” it appears plausible that Coleman’s 206-vote lead as of November 12, 2008 may be reversed by the recount process.”

I will quibble with one thing.  They say Franken may win the recount.  No, Franken is likely to win the election.  The recount is not a separate thing but part of the counting process and is mandated by Minnesota law when things are this close in the automated tally.

No wonder the GOP is soiling their diapers over this.


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