Lessons from Nebraska

Yes, it’s true the Nebraska safe haven law for children was poorly written, forgetting to specify that they intended it to apply to newborns, not children in general.

But what lessons are to be learned by the abandonment of children including many teenagers?  Angry Black Bitch goes there:

The media has frenzied over stories of large families being torn apart and parents driving across the country to deposit their teen at Nebraska emergency rooms.

What is lost is the window into reality that this so-called mistake offers.

Or maybe it isn’t lost.

Maybe some people want that shit to remain in darkness…out of sight and blessedly out of mind.

What they see is a law that needs to be rewritten to clarify the precise age when legal abandonment becomes illegal so parents will no longer be able to abandon older children.

What I see is an example of how society fails to meet the needs of parents, children and families and an opportunity to address that shit.

And that’s an uncomfortable thing for many Americans to confront. After all, state after state has been working feverishly to pass laws and propositions that are allegedly designed to protect families and marriage…children and society. The last thing supporters of all that paper want to hear is that they’ve moved all their troops to the western front of a war being waged in the east.

Indeed.  Read it in full.  But the impending changes to Nebraska’s law won’t affect the reality on the ground that led to the abandoments in the first place.


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