Prop 8

Crossposted by Sean from Hiding in the Backwaters

Much has
been written and said about Prop 8. I’ve remained largely mum on the
subject mostly because I have a hard time getting too worked up about
it. Amending a state constitution isn’t nearly as difficult as amending
the national constitution. Obviously. If it can be amended once it can
be amended again. I also think people have over estimated California’s
ability or desire to completely embrace GLBT folk. (Just like we
continue to overestimate Democrats’ willingness to support us on
Capitol Hill.) San Francisco and West Hollywood are just two very small
parts of a very large state. Still, every other similar measure has
passed by huge margins: 20-40%. Prop 8 passed with only 4%. That is progress. It really is only a matter of time.

To some degree, I don’t get worked up about it because I just can’t.
It’s just too upsetting and I don’t want to go around angry all the
time. Always in the back of my mind is the thought that were my family
living in California, I know exactly how they would vote. It’s also
very disturbing and is really a slap in the face to hear blatant and
deliberate misinformation coming from someone who should know better.
I’m looking at you Thomas Monson. Oh, sure, you and the Twleve have
remained largely mum on the subject, leaving most of the talking to a
lowly President of the Seventy, but you’re not fooling anyone. Claiming
that the church has only donated $250K to passing Prop 8, all the while
encouraging individual members to give generously of their time and
money is dishonesty worth of any Pharisee.

As much distance as the Mormon church tries to put between itself
and polygamy, it’s own history with marriage is dubious at best. Every
argument used today against gay marriage was used in the 1880s against
polygamy. Perhaps they can continue to delude themselves they “are not
anti-gay. [They are] pro marriage between a man and a woman” because
they aren’t advocating seizing the property of GLBT folk or advocating
terminating their citizenship. Mormons threw their weight around in
California because they could. Mormons have always had a very strong
presence in California. You didn’t hear so much about Mormon
involvement in Massachusetts, not because the Church wasn’t telling
it’s members there the same thing it was telling its members in
California, but because Mormons aren’t a power player there.

Mormons, like most religious groups, suffer from unbelievable
arrogance. If their actions are divisive and hurtful it’s not because
they are assholes. It’s because everyone who disagrees with them is not
prepared or ready to hear the “true” message of God. No one seems to
have caught on that we all worship a god who is most like ourselves.
You worship a God who advocates persecution and arrogance because
that’s who you are. It really has nothing to do with some immutable
truth. It’s been a while since I read the Doctrine and Covenants, the
Mormon scripture from their early history as a church. I seem to
remember, however, that God was constantly chastising them for being
arrogant and rude to the people around them. We they complained about
being driven out of still another town, often as not, his response was,
“Well, you asked for it!” Is the Mormon church somehow more true today
than it was in 1850? Is that why it’s okay to be a political bully now?

The church at times has preserved that which is immoral and
unethical. Called to combat social evils, it has remained silent behind
stained-glass windows. … How often the church has been an echo rather
than a voice, a taillight behind the Supreme Court rather than a
headlight guiding men progressively and decisively to higher levels of

Dr. Martin Luther King


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