Why it hurts

Ian Welsh at Firedoglake explains what a lot of people are feeling the day after the historic election.

I’m glad Obama was elected, but four states just turned gays into official second class citizens.  And Obama, with his ambivalence towards gay marriage, was at the heart of it.  As late as yesterday robocalls going out from the bigots claimed, accurately, that Obama opposed gay marriage and suggested that voters should join Obama supporters in rejecting gay marriage in California.  Given how close it was, this probably was the margin of victory.  Obama’s limited coat tails yesterday destroyed equality for gays – the blood price of Obama’s victory was what amounts to a new anti-miscegnation law.  My friends who are gay are devastated, angry and feel betrayed.  The euphoria others feel at Obama’s victory has turned to bitter ashes for them.

California, Florida and Arizona made gay marriage illegal and Arkansas made gay adoption illegal. For our friends who are gay, yesterday was at best bittersweet, at worst a gut punch from their fellow citizens, a reminder that too many Americans consider them an acceptable group to hate and despise. Too many Americans have yet to learn that making another person into a lesser human being also demeans them, and that the rights you deny may also one day be denied you.

Pretty much summarizes it.  My marriage isn’t affected the least little bit by marriage equality.  The marraiges of many gay friends are now in legal jeopardy.  Pathetic, small minded, hurtful, and sad.


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