Screwing over the Twin Cities

Well, it’s official.  The Department of Justice has blessed the Northwest/Delta merger and the Twin Cities has lost a fortune 500 headquarters.

I expect the MAC to hold Delta fully accountable for the hundreds of millions of dollars owed the state for breach of contract in moving the corporate headquarters away from Minnesota – that was a condition of a state funded bailout.  A good faith effort could have been made to have dual headquarters, especially given the complexity and lack of overlap in their new footprint, it’s an opportunity lost for Delta.

I am saddened by the inevitable increase in local airfares which is sure to result.  Northwest’s service had its problems but they would play ball in the fare wars.  With Delta, the prices will go upward sharply and that’s too bad.  The good news is next spring Southwest is finally coming into town, and will offer service connecting through Chicago.  One hopes that will offer some competition, especially with Sun Country how in jeopardy due to the Tom Petters case.


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