Multiple Choice Mitt still drawing ire on the right

It seems the wingnut caucus isn’t fond of his criticisms of Palin.

Recently, an influential conservative blogger (name withheld) outlined for me the reasons why the Romney 2008 campaign faltered.  One factor was the ”go nuclear” approach the campaign took with the competing GOP candidates.  The Romney campaign angered supporters of the other candidates to such a degree that their second choice for nominee was, “anyone but Romney”.

I had expected that the CEO of the SLC Olympics had learned from the mistakes of his campaign, but history seems to be repeating itself.  Romney has never ceased his campaign for President of the United States and although he has campaigned hard for John McCain, it appears as if this display of teamwork has been entirely for self-promoting reasons.  Romney and his supporters are now targeting their only serious 2012 challenger, Governor Sarah Palin.


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