The problem with Sarah

Positive Liberty nails it:

This image is the thousand words that explain why I despise Sarah Palin. She seems to me to be a person who has always gotten by on her cuteness and charm. She may not be stupid, but I think we’ll never know because she’s never actually needed to use her mind.


4 thoughts on “The problem with Sarah

  1. The above blog by Greg is the thousand words that explain why I despise people like him.

    “She seems to me to be a person who has always gotten by on her cuteness and charm.”

    Considering how all bent out of shape you are by her ‘cuteness and charm’, you clearly can’t be bothered to regard her in any other, less superficial way…hence her supposed success in ‘getting by’ on said looks & charm.

    I’d question whether or not you can even cite any of Palin’s political accomplishments without resorting to Wikipedia or the Huffington Post…but clearly somebody oh-so-special like Greg wouldn’t concern themselves with anything of substance.
    She’s cute…so he hates her. End of discussion.

    “She may not be stupid…”

    Excuse me?
    Did you actually have the temerity to posit that Sarah Palin “may not” be stupid?
    Are you really so smug & self-important that you believe you…who types a meager, unimportant, irrelevant blog…can appropriately gauge the intellect of a woman who, I have no doubt, has successfully accomplished a great deal more in her short life than you have in your own….and probably ever will?

    One cannot help but wonder why a bunch of pompous, narcissistic dumb-asses who elected a charming smooth-talker for president in 1992, and again in 1996…

    …who define their political beliefs around the inane, hate-filled verbal sophistry of people like Sean Penn, Cameron Diaz, Alec Baldwin, Drew Barrymore, George Clooney and other celebrities in Hollywood, the Mecca of the Left…

    …then, in 2008, voted for the good-looking, smooth-talking black guy (with almost no experience and even fewer accomplishments)…

    …would get their panties in a twist about Sarah Palin and how she supposedly, and inaccurately, succeeded in life on looks alone.

    Do you think my comment was too harsh, too inappropriate, or too presumptuous?
    Well, don’t blame me…I merely judged you based solely on superficial impressions.

    Kinda like what you did with Sarah Palin.

    And if you think that you shouldn’t be condemned by the same petty standards for which you denigrated Palin, then I have three words for you:
    Suck it, hypocrite.

  2. Interesting.
    My comment has already been deleted.
    Seems that somebody like you, who is all too quick to denounce Sarah Palin for her alleged “thin skin” and inability to withstand “criticism”…

    (although what people like you regarded as ‘criticism’ was more accurately defined as ‘personal attacks’)

    …couldn’t even tolerate one single comment that stuck a proverbial pin in your balloon of smug self-enamoration.

    So…like I said to you in my previous comment:

    Suck it, hypocrite.

  3. Please note:
    I wish to retract my last comment, and apologize for said second comment.
    When I logged in to check on your site, the first comment did not register. I was under the mistaken impression that you had already deleted it….hence my second comment.

    I do not apologize for the things I said in my first comment, and stand fully behind what I said, but unfortunately the second comment was quite unwarranted.
    For that, I apologize to you.

  4. There is a saying, “better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.”

    It applies in spades to the silly commenter above who:

    1) thinks that if his comment doesn’t post immediately, it’s been deleted.
    2) confuses linked material with original content.
    3) displays the inattention to detail, careless reasoning, and vulgarity we expect from the wingnut base amongst whom Palin is a folk(sy) hero.

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