Oh please.

20:03 — Hey, can I call you Joe?


20:05 — Soccer game and fear in parents’ voice.  Yeah right.  She gets the fear, but no substance.

20:08 — Fundamentals my ass. Nice swerve away though.

20:10 — Oh please.  Who does she think led the deregulatory charge?  Biden does a good job rebutting.  Palan plays well, but misses how ironic her rhetoric is.

20:14 — I’m not going to answer the questions, I’m going to filibuster.  Joy.

20:18 —  “For us in the middle cass…”  Biden is probably the only senator against whom that isn’t credible.  The Reagan quote is a nice touch and will resonate with the base.  Budget neutral?  Whose budget?  $5000 sounds good until you realize you lose the average $12000 health benefit deduction.

20:20 — Ultimate bridge to nowhere – good line.

20:23 — Touche’.  She landed good punches on the energy bill.  I’ve always said she can come off well on stage.

20:31 — She’s stumbling on climate change.  Babble quotient getting pretty high here.


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