Lack of enthusiasm

From Atrios:

Yglesias meekly suggests that maybe in the course of spending hundreds of billions of dollars to clean up after the Masters of the Universe, we could spend a nickel or two to help poor people.

I’m not optimistic. I know how Democrats react when GOP Daddies in nice suits sit them down and explain What Needs To Be Done. See FISA bullshit, Iraq war, etc…

Yeah, that pretty much sums it up.

And it goes a long way toward explaining why, despite continued engagement and investment in an Obama victory this November, the base is less than excited and is suffering from diminished expectations.  Capitulation on FISA, drilling, etc. is pretty much taking a big dump on all the promises for a new way in Washington.

So we hope for improvement.  And we resist the reflex to act as an ATM and workerbees without accountability for what is done.


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