How Tim Pawlenty ruined Minnesota

Great piece focusing on the record of Governor Tim Pawlenty – and why he shouldn’t be allowed to do to the nation what he did to Minnesota.

Tim Pawlenty’s main claim to the mantle of GOP vice presidential candidate, when all is said and done, is probably his loyalty to the John McCain campaign in its dark hours of 2007 and McCain’s much-remarked personal affection for Minnesota’s Mr. Nice Guy. Pawlenty’s strategic value to the campaign is another question entirely, but to the extent TP has credentials to bruit around, they consist mainly of his bona fides as an evangelical Christian (previous MnIndy report) and as a fiscal hawk who has held the line on taxes in his state.

On the latter count, voters across the country might be interested to know that no one has been more influential than Pawlenty in reversing Minnesota’s longstanding tradition of using progressive taxes to make prudent but significant investments in our social and physical infrastructure — education, transportation, health care and the environment.


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