A redefining of “base”

Interesting bit looking at Obama’s “base” strategy – one the seems to be based on demographics rather than ideology.  An interesting take on things, and certainly a new way of viewing politics.

Barack Obama built a coalition in the primary based on demographics rather than ideology. Sure he had a virtual monopoly on the progressive activist left but it wasn’t because he was running as a liberal, rather he’d coalesced the demographic groups that largely make up the progressive movement: young, educated, upwardly mobile, urban…

So now I look at Quinnipiac’s analysis of the results of its poll and it hits me, Obama’s strategy isn’t about playing to a liberal base versus a conservative base or some mushy middle in between, rather he’s more concerned with consolidating the demographic bases he knows he can win this election with, namely women, African-Americans and younger voters. It’s notable that Obama is beating John McCain by 9 points nationally without majorities of independents, men or white voters.

The danger, of course, is how well such a thing would hold up long term.  I don’t vote the way I do because I’m white, male, Mormon, libertarian, middle aged, or anything else… I vote the way I do because I believe certain things, value certain policy positions, and seek to find candidates with similar positions to implement the policies.


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