Pure class

Lanny Davis, Hillary surrogate, attacking a blogger.

Pure class these Clinton surrogates. ANd you should have seen the self-righetousness dripping from every word and facial expression Ickes produced inside. Well maybe you saw it on CSPAN as he questioned

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The strength of an Obama ticket

Good piece from Daily Kos which shows the influence the top candidate can have on down ticket races, even in Red states.

Research 2000 for Daily Kos. 5/20-21. Likely voters. MoE 4% (No trend lines)

Lummis (R) 41
Trauner (D) 44

This is for the open at-large Wyoming seat Gary Trauner almost captured in 2006 (he came up 1,000 votes short).

I’ve also got presidential numbers:

McCain (R) 53
Obama (D) 40

This is a state Kerry lost 69-29. If Obama can keep it within 20 points, it makes Trauner’s job that much easier.

What grates about McClellan

It’s wonderful that McClellan is finally viewing the world from beyond the sphincter, but there’s something about the blatant opportunism of his current gig that grates at me.

ABC News reports:

“In an encounter last night in the lobby of a New York Hotel, former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan apologized for denouncing a former White House colleague, Richard Clarke, the former counterterrorism advisor, after Clarke wrote a book highly critical of the Bush administration in 2004.

Curious.  Hilzoy nails precisely what’s so grating about the whole thing.

I have mixed feelings about McClellan. As best I can tell, what changed his mind about the Bush administration was having Rove and Libby completely destroy his credibility (what there was of it) by lying to his face so that he could repeat their lies in public. That was, in fact, a terrible thing to do. But, as this encounter makes clear, it’s not as though McClellan didn’t know that people were having their good name savaged by the White House. It’s not even as though he had not willingly participated in that savaging. But he never seems to have thought that it could happen to him.

That’s a hard thing, and part of me sympathizes. But another part thinks: you should figure out what’s wrong with trashing someone and destroying his credibility when you do it to someone else. You shouldn’t have to wait until it happens to you.