Day 326

I thought how proud I am to be standing up beside my dad. Never did it occur to me that he would become the gist for cartoonists.

Newsweek, 2000


K. Now I’m pissed.

Posted by Sean, from Hiding in the Backwaters

Chris Buttars, Utah State Senator from West Jordan, is an ass. I have to believe that even wingnuts who support him as a champion of moral causes privately think, “What an ass.” Generally I just try and ignore him. Otherwise, I’d be angry all the time, but this just tears it.

Buttars just lost his seat as the chairman of the Senate Judicial Confirmation Committee. It’s about damn time he was sanctioned. Of course, you don’t get sanctioned for being a homophobic and racist bigot. Sorry, I meant Champion of Moral Causes. However, you can get sanctioned for unethical behavior, which is only a matter of time when you’ve got an ego as big as Buttars’. Buttars wrote a letter to a judge, on Senate letterhead, scolding him for ruling against a personal friend (and large campaign contributor) of Buttars’ in a land dispute said friend is engaged in with Mapleton city. And here is what Buttars said in that letter that just burns my shorts.

“I had hoped that we had appointed a judge that would err on the side of individual rights, not a liberal activist judge who would champion government.” (Salt Lake Tribune, 2/26/08)

ARE YOU [expletive deleted] KIDDING ME???!!! This is the [expletive deleted] who introduced a bill to put the kabosh on a recently created domestic partner registry in Salt Lake City. Passed unanimously by the city council, it would allow local businesses to offer domestic partner benefits if they so desire (Salt Lake Tribune, 2/23/2008). What a hypocritical [expletive deleted]. He’s only a champion of individual rights if you’re rich, white, straight and a campaign contributor. Otherwise, the state (ie. Buttars) gets to decide what constitutes individual rights.

All you have to do is read the news from the last few weeks and any rational, thinking individual would be able to tell the man is clueless, probably a raging narcissist, and has no business in the Senate. He plans to seek re-election, because he knows his critics are unjustified. I think the odds he will get re-elected are actually pretty good, but if by some stroke of luck he should lose, you know it won’t be because he’s an [expletive deleted]. It will be because his critics sabotaged and slandered him.

Ed note:

Criticizing Buttars is kind of like shooting fish in a barrel, but he really, really needs to go.

Reality bites, and it’s costing you more

Inflation soars:

Battered by bad economic news, consumer confidence plunged while wholesale food, energy and medicine costs soared, pushing inflation up at the fastest pace in a quarter century.

The Labor Department said Tuesday that wholesale inflation jumped by 1 percent in January, more than double the increase that analysts had been expecting.

But hey, the economy is very solid.  Just ask Dubya.