Another “Family Values” Champion self destructs

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Though I don’t ever claim to be a family friendly blog, I’ll let you decide if you want to read the details of the latest Republican sexcapade. I’ll bet Craig is breathing a sigh of relief. The media will almost certainly shift focus from his “boring” adventures in a MN airport bathroom to this loon whose kinks are certainly more . . . . . . entertaining.

Joe My God: It’s a GOP Whoregasbord!

Dan Savage: Richard Curtis: More Shocking Details

This is great:

After telling the police absolutely everything, Curtis decides to stop cooperating. Curtis suddenly claims that Castagna must have drugged him and states that he “was so out of it he really didn’t know what happened.”

I wonder if that was before or after they met in the lobby and negotiated a price for “helping.” (New euphemism. I need to remember to ask for extra helpings in the future.) Anyone buying that? Anyone? Anyone?

And because they are so true, Pam’s words need to be repeated over and over and over:

I’m living a relatively plain jane lesbian existence simply asking for my civil rights while closet cases like Curtis get all sorts of kinks on while railing against openly LGBT citizens. It makes me sick.


Speaking too soon?

Barak Obama’s anti gay kerfuffle has disappointed a lot of people in the progressive blogosphere.  Representative would be:


Obama’s campaign now says that McClurkin only wants to cure the unhappy gays. (The rest of us are, I guess, fine to continue trying to kill America’s children.)(…)

So David Duke’s only problem, per the Obama campaign, is that he villifies the happy Jews and the happy blacks?

Keep digging, guys. Obama keeps making clear that he hasn’t learned his lesson, he doesn’t understand what he did wrong, and he will continue to coddle those who attack our community so long as it wins him votes and money. His own staff admitted as much to the Washington Post:

Pam Spaulding:

The last thing a crowd of black folks who have a problem with homosexuality needs is: 1) to be “told” by the Obama campaign that a message about tolerance must be delivered from a white voice of faith, and 2) to have their beliefs confirmed that being gay is “a white man’s perversion.” Coming from a white pastor under these circumstances, can only be seen as paternalistic and patronizing; the shields of defensiveness will go up, the message will be ignored.

The most stinging message that the Obama campaign has sent is that they apparently didn’t see the relevance or necessity of removing the ability of religious blacks to stay in denial, that somehow there is not an intersection of being black and gay. This move renders us invisible yet again, as politically expendable, because it telegraphs that it’s too politically volatile to address the division in the community by having them confront one of their own — black gay and gay-affirming ministers — when it comes to looking at bigotry.

Open Left:

This isn’t simply a mistake, as I first called it. If the Obama campaign is not only keeping McClurkin as the headliner of the concert, but also issuing memos defending his views, producing videos endorsing McClurkin before the event, and then allowing McClurkin to emcee the event, it is pre-meditated, not a mistake. Chalk this up as about the 2,257th time that I gave a high profile Democat the benefit of the doubt, and was then proven wrong. I should have seen it coming.

The funny thing is, Obama’s poll numbers don’t appear to be suffering for the most part.  Oh yeah, he’s screwed himself with the progressive base, but I still wonder whether the obituaries for his candidacy are a tad premature.

Reality is what it is.  Progressives are a lot of the enthusiasm behind the Democrats, but they aren’t a majority in the country, probably not even a majority within the Democrats.  That said, the events have shown that when you look closely Obama just isn’t ready for prime time.  If he wanted a “Sister Souljah” moment of his own, he bungled it irredeemably.

As things stand, I don’t see him overtaking Hillary.  Maybe he’ll be smarter in eight years.

Dan Savage points out:

So… Barack Obama hosted an anti-gay rally yesterday featuring a singing ex-gay bigot. If this had been a Mitt Romney or John McCain event the same people making excuses for Barack Obama would be screaming bloody murder.

Tancredo out

Word has it that Tom Tancredo is leaving the House after 2008 regardless of his pointless bid for the presidency.

Even if he loses his long-shot bid for the White House, Rep. Tom Tancredo will be leaving the U.S. House of Representatives at the end of 2008.

Good riddance to one of the most gratuitously divisive assbites in politics. He is the walking embodiment of so much that is wrong with today’s GOP.

Another casualty in the “war” against drugs

Hat tip: Andrew Sullivan

Via The Missoulian:

Robin Prosser, a Missoula woman who struggled for a quarter century to live with the pain of an immunosuppressive disorder, tried years ago to kill herself. Last week, she tried again. This time, she succeeded.

After her earlier attempt failed, Prosser wound up in even more trouble after investigating police found marijuana in her home. She used the marijuana to help cope with pain.

John Cole says it best:

I am tired of being patient with you nannies and your stupid self-serving rules and your slippery slopes and your bullshit and your need to be tough on crime and your earnest concerns about society. Mind your own business, get your own house in order, stop fucking interns and little boys and cheating on your wives and on your taxes and being found dead wearing two wetsuits with a dildo shoved up your ass. Just mind your own damned business, and let people do what they must to deal with their own screwed up lives, and let people handle their pain the best way they can.

I am sick of the bullshit. Life is hard for most people out there, and damned near impossible for people in chronic pain. Quit making it worse, you allegedly compassionate sons-of-bitches.