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70 mpg on one battery

Posted by Greg on July 31, 2007

I’d take one.  The VW Polo TDI.

It’s already for sale in Europe.  How about in the US?

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Laying the odds

Posted by Greg on July 31, 2007

The 2008 election is still a long ways off, but some people can’t resist laying odds on the senate races.

There is some interesting analysis here…and it’s good to see Minnesota moving down the list.  But I still don’t know about Franken.  Not my first (or fifth) choice as a candidate…

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Serving the troops

Posted by Greg on July 28, 2007

Well done!

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A thousand words

Posted by Greg on July 27, 2007

Can you imagine this headline from the US lapdog press?

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Live long and propser

Posted by Greg on July 27, 2007

Great news for my fellow Trekkers:

Leonard Nimoy isn’t through with Spock yet. The 76-year-old actor will don his famous pointy ears again to play the role in an upcoming “Star Trek” film due out Christmas 2008.

“This is really going to be a great movie. And I don’t say things like that lightly,” Nimoy told a gathering of 6,500 fans Thursday at Comic-Con, the nation’s largest pop-culture convention.

Zachary Quinto plays a younger Spock.

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While we’re on the subject of truth

Posted by Greg on July 26, 2007

Perhaps some attention should be paid to Faux News.

Join Fox Attacks. This isn’t a boycott, it’s an educational campaign. Be a part of it.

Here is their newest video:

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Why not truth friendly?

Posted by Greg on July 26, 2007

David Schraub has an interesting, angsty piece up about how to approach a “feminist friendly” defense in rape cases.

I have been perpetually intrigued by the question: How does a feminist defend himself against rape charges? While I have seen many (very justified) criticisms of a variety of common rape-defense tactics (slut shaming, “she was asking for it”, etc.), to date, I have never seen any examination or recommendation of what would constitute a morally acceptable defense against the accusation of rape.

While I appreciate his concern, if he’s looking for generic guidelines he needs to escape beyond the battle of the sexes and look at rape in general.  The “slut” and “asking for it” defense are never acceptable period regardless of the race or genders involved.

Men also can be rape victims.  Men and women both can be victimized by people of the same sex.  Why focus on “feminist-friendly” and shift to a more appropriate issue – the facts of the case.  Did the parties in question have sex?  Was it consensual?   If it wasn’t, the guilty party should be very severely punished for a very very long time.

The “crucify the woman” defense is unfortunate because it really doesn’t have anything to do with whether a rape occurred.  In a better world it would never be attempted.  Then again, in a better world people would never be falsely accused ether, and in a perfect world there would be no rape.

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Why is he still in office?

Posted by Greg on July 26, 2007

Here’s a delightful example of Gonzales’ testimony.

Utterly amazing.  Utterly corrupt.   When evidence of perjury is found, criminal charges should be filed.  Somehow a stain on a blue dress grows more and more trivial by the day.

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Flying car?

Posted by Greg on July 25, 2007

This is so cool.

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Two of a kind

Posted by Greg on July 24, 2007

A must read at Connecting the Dots:

The melodrama is in its final act, and we still don’t know if it ends with a whimper or a bang. Dubya is in a bunker, beleaguered by the demons he set loose here and abroad. Osama is in hiding too, and for all we know, may be dead.

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Iranian justice

Posted by Greg on July 23, 2007

Three adulterers are hanged in Iran.

The video is graphic, but educational, so to speak.

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What really matters?

Posted by Greg on July 23, 2007

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Posted by Greg on July 23, 2007

Avi Lewis is a moron. Ayaan Hirsi Ali puts him in his place.

As seen at The Reaction:

This clip from a Canadian news show of sorts reminds me why I despise certain segments of the western left. And, no offense to our Canadian readers, but those segments seemed to dominate in Toronto when I was there. Canadian intellectual and political life is at times so provincial that simply spouting a series of crudely anti-American cliches and canards seems to be not only encouraged but to be the only type of public discourse allowed (the fact that Canada’s political and economic well-being rely entirely on American hegemony makes it more annoying still).

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Filling a need?

Posted by Greg on July 23, 2007

How’s this for entrepreneural spirit?

One lawn care company is showing a little skin to boost business.

The women of Tiger Time Lawn Care offer to mow customers’ lawns dressed in bikinis — a service that attracts more attention to the ladies than the lawns.

Gotta love it…

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Posted by Greg on July 23, 2007

Have you been following the Kos / JetBlue kerfuffle?  JetBlue really stepped in it and it’s kind of surprising to see.  Jet Blue had everything to gain and nothing to lose by recognizing their contribution to a bloggers’ conference.

Hat tip to Americablog for the following bit of humor:

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