Legal technicalities

The Washington Post reports the wingnuts are starting to figure out that the recent victory over abortion rights at the Supreme Court were mostly symbolic.

In a highly visible rift in the anti-abortion movement, a coalition of evangelical Protestant and Roman Catholic groups is attacking a longtime ally, Focus on the Family founder James C. Dobson.

Using rhetoric that they have reserved in the past for abortion clinics, some of the coalition’s leaders accuse Dobson and other national antiabortion leaders of building an “industry” around relentless fundraising and misleading information. 

What?  You mean Focus on the Anus is really focused on money?  You don’t say.

Mahablog has it right:

If any Fetus People are reading this, let me say that I’ve been trying to explain this to you meatheads for years. Many’s the time I attempted to explain that your beloved “partial birth” bills would, in effect, ban no abortions at all. And for my trouble I was called a lying baby killer. Listen to me next time, OK?

Also, The Debate Link notes:

I’m sorry, I didn’t realize that preventing “internal bleeding from a perforated uterus” is merely an exercise in “convenience.” I imagine the women undergoing the operation would characterize it differently. But then, since when did Focus on the Family care about what women think?

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