Mitt v. Dubya?

I’ve really tried to avoid commenting on Mitt’s dog because it’s just not worth it.  We already knew Mitt is a nimrod.  But this, from Firedoglake, really is priceless:

So not only did Mitt use an episode of incredible cruelty and lack of empathy as an example of his grace under pressure, but he also claimed that the helpless victim totally loved the idea (I’m assuming that diarrhea must be the dog equivalent of flowers and candy). Hell, he could almost be Dubya’s twin.

On the other hand, Mitt actually did manage to get the shit off. If it had been Dubya, he would have insisted the shit was chocolate and threatened to fight anyone who tried to clean it up. Five years later, after it was good and caked on (and after adding some more of his own), he would finally sell the car and the dog to a Democrat “as is” – possibly after setting them on fire.

The law is an idiot

And so are many of its practitioners.  Why in the hell can’t they fix this abominable miscarriage of justice?

A judge denied bond Wednesday for a teenager who’s serving a 10-year prison sentence for having consensual oral sex when he was 17 with a 15-year-old girl, an aide to the judge said.

Douglas County, Georgia, Superior Court Judge David Emerson said Genarlow Wilson’s conviction makes him ineligible for bail, despite a court ruling this month that reduced his sentence to one year, according to The Associated Press.

A minor gets blown by another minor and he gets a ten year felony conviction?  It was all due to an inconsistency in the law in the first place, and nobody with an ounce of common sense believes this kid belongs in prison.  He’s already been behind bars for double the reduced sentence imposed by the appellate judge.

Let the kid go home to his family, expunge his record, and be done with this asinine adventure that has made the Georgia legal system a national laughingstock.

Court limits race based admissions

Another ruling from the Roberts Court:

The decision in cases affecting schools in Louisville, Ky., and Seattle could imperil similar plans in hundreds of districts nationwide, and it leaves public school systems with a limited arsenal to maintain racial diversity. …

[The case] was led by parents challenging the way race is used to assign students to schools for the purpose of integration.

Dave Schraub thinks Kennedy’s very narrow concurrence may have saved Brown from being blatantly overruled:

I’m going to read Kennedy’s opinion first, then get to the others. It still strikes me as the wrong decision, but it appears that we’ve dodged the worst-case scenario. Brown lives another day.

New Edwards campaign spot

This is the new campaign ad Edwards is running in New Hampshire:

Not bad.  Of the candidates running, I have to say at this point Edwards would probably have my vote.

HT: Firedoglake which notes:

I like the ad as an introduction to Edwards, but I’m left wanting to know more.  Maybe that’s the point?

It also gives a great rundown on campaign advertising.   Read the whole thing.

Nader’s ego enters race

from satirist Andy Borowitz:

The field of presidential candidates got a little more crowded today as the massive ego of consumer activist Ralph Nader announced that it was entering the 2008 race.

For its historic announcement, Mr. Nader’s ego chose New York’s Madison Square Garden, the only venue available large enough to contain the candidate’s bloated self-esteem.

After being loaded into the Garden’s freight elevator and wheeled out onto the stage, Mr. Nader’s ego said the words that its faithful had been waiting to hear.

“This gigantic ego has sat on the sidelines long enough and watched others’ egos get all of the attention!” the candidate’s ego roared.

Mr. Nader’s ego went on to enumerate the reasons for its latest candidacy, telling the audience, “I want to see an America where I am on campaign buttons, banners, and Larry King Live.”

His ego added that it hoped to fill what it saw as a void in the 2008 campaign: “There is no other narcissistic whackjob in the race, unless you count Kucinich.”

The consumer activist’s bloated ego received rave reviews from those in attendance, many of whom had fond memories of Mr. Nader’s successful bid to wreck the 2000 presidential race.

“It was great to see that ego back on stage,” said Nader supporter Ralph Nader, 73. “Finally, a candidate who speaks for me.”

Others echoed that sentiment, including Nader supporter Ralph Nader, 73: “I couldn’t believe how handsome he was.”

Elsewhere, in a serious setback for former Florida governor Jeb Bush, new research finds that the eldest children in families tend to have higher I.Q.’s than their younger siblings.