Fighting old battles

The wingnut caucus seems to have jumped the shark with their latest, most desperate attempt yet to distract the American voters from the Republican’t’s tripartite legacy of failure.

Rather than focus on the quagmire in Iraq, rather than focus on out of control spending and deficits, rather than focus on the latest dance at the GOP ball – “the perp walk”, rather than focus on their supposedly safe candidates like Barbara “bitch slap” Cubin and George “have you stopped beating your wife yet” Allen, the political machine has decided to rely on the short attention span of some Americans by partying like it’s 2004.

That’s right. They want to pick a fight with John Kerry over Iraq, aided of course by the lapdog media and sycophants in the blogosphere.

But people are a little better informed now than a couple years back. And people who, like myself, were willing to give the chimperor the benefit of the doubt have come to realize the truth of the old adage, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”

The uncomfortable facts are what they are. Iraq is falling into civil war. The military has lowered its standards in order to meet recruiting targets. We have no coherent policy, plan or strategy to bring about a favorable end in the Middle East. That it is lamented by the “French looking” John F. Kerry doesn’t make it less true. And only the truly flailing and desperate are going to misinterperate Kerry’s remarks as somehow a negative reflection on our men and women serving overseas. This is indeed a case where the rot starts at the top – at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Not that reality is going to stop the presidunce from lashing out impotently at Kerry’s “shameful” remarks. You can’t blame them for trying. But smart people recognize the true shameful activities are the suspension of habeas corpus, the illegal wiretapping, the deceit and manipulation of intelligence to justify the Iraqi occupation, the failure to secure American ports, the cronyism, the profligate spending, the deferral of science to superstition, the influence peddling, the corruption, the pedophile coddling, and the list could continue ad nauseam.

Smart people will ignore them. It’s just more distraction from a party apparatus that’s growing increasingly desperate and morally bankrupt.


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