Nevada caucus

It looks like Harry Reid got his way and Nevada has been recommended for an early (pre New Hampshire) caucus in 2008. 

As I said before, it’s a good thing to get some diversity into the early stages of the process and Nevada has offers both racial and geographic diversity that is sorely needed.  As an erstwhile westerner myself, it does my heart good.


Sen. John Ensign at The Hill:

I think that it will certainly make Nevada more prominent. I would love to see the Republicans join them, but obviously the chances of that are a lot slimmer.

Crazy Monk:

Still, why does New Hampshire feel it has a God-given right to have one of the first cracks at choosing the presidential nominees?

John Deeth:

Standing by my analysis: Flight time is a minor thing compared to the attractiveness of Vegas as a destination.


They’ve got to be celebrating over at Edwards’ HQ, because this map is designed to give him a huge boost.

Outside Report:

While the netroots is fawning over Clinton-hater, Russ Feingold and the big money wigs are trying to decide between Hillary Clinton or Mark Warner, I think that John Edwards (despite my biases) has done the best job thus far and has gotten luckiest in the race for the Democratic nomination. Not only has he managed to seize a strong electoral grip on Iowa (which will only get stronger if Chet Culver and other Dems he has campaigned for win), but he also got extremely lucky with the new primary schedule.


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