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Happy 4th everyone! 


Losing his grip on reality

Interesting that James Dobson and his ilk view the media as this vast conspiracy to supress their views, yet CNN provided Dobson his latest opportunity to demonstrate yet again that he is completely insane.  That’s right folks, it’s the media’s fault that the world doesn’t uniformly share the Religious Wrong’s fetish with other people’s sex lives, and disfavors discriminatory social engineering as a constitutional principle.

Some choice commentary on Dobsonian wingnuttery can be found:

Shakespeare’s Sister

Michael Stickings

David Schaub

Being stupid about it

Senator Barak Obama took his fellow Democrats to the woodshed, criticizing Democrats for being hostile to people of faith.  It seems to be he’s doing a very good job at cutting a straw man off at the knees. There are hard core secularists in both parties, but that doesn’t mean efforts to resist the wingnut theocrats are borne out of atheism, or that there aren’t as many earnest, honest people of faith on the left as on the right.

Fundamentally, Obama seems to have bought into and is reinforcing the Republican talking point – a talking point that isn’t based in fact.

I like Obama.  I think he’s going to be a serious contender for national office.  But if he’s going to try to capture the Religious Wrong from the right, he’s going to lose a lot of votes.  Mine and a lot of others’.

Other voices:


Democrats should do more to court evangelicals and people of faith. But that doesn’t mean they should be stupid about it.

Stupid would mean supporting flag burning [amendment] and displays of the Ten Commandments and backing off of their support for the civil rights of gays and lesbians and women – all to woo supposed people of faith. Stupid would also be worrying about the Pledge and school prayer (sorry Obama, you’re pandering). That’s not how you court THE RIGHT people of faith. The people of faith who make gay-bashing and abortion and the Pledge their number one priority will never support Democrats. Hell, they barely support Republicans.

And in any case, do we need to become as phony as the Republican party, supporting these feel-good-but-do-nothing issues rather than trying to solve real problems in America, in order to convince believers we’re actually okay?


If you think it’s important to court evangelicals, then court them. If, on the other hand, you think it’s important to confirm and embrace the false idea that Democrats are hostile to religion in order to set yourself apart, then continue doing what you’re doing. It won’t help the Democrats, and it probably won’t even help you, but whatever makes you happy.

Chris Bowers:

The only people who matter are the most conservative people in the country. A Congress that is only responsive and responsible to those voters will, no matter who is in charge of Congress, end up producing the most right-wing legislation imaginable. 

David Sirota:

The more high-profile Democrats give credence to right-wing lies/myths, the more the party’s image problem grows. It’s time for Democratic leaders who show the country what they believe in – instead of telling the public the lies they already hear on right-wing radio.

Pots and kettles at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

You just knew it was too good to be true.  It seems the White House itself has told FAR more about its spying programs than the supposedly “treasonous” New York Times revealed.

Reporters are coming forward to document just how much the Bush administration already told journalists about their supposedly super secret spying they do on financial records in order to catch terrorists. We now know that the Bush administration already told reporters FAR MORE about this program than anything the New York Times reported last week. Yet Bush and his surrogates are accusing the NYT of treason.

Well, get in line. It appears the Bush White House is once again at the head of the line when it comes to making classified leaks.

More details here.

Defending against a mad man

The incomparable Andy Borowitz offers the following solution:

In an act of retaliation for North Korean president Kim Jong-Il’s plan to test a long-range missile that could reach California, the United States today threatened to launch conservative pundit Ann Coulter in the direction of North Korea.

President George W. Bush announced the plan to weaponize Ms. Coulter in a nationally televised address.

“If North Korea intends to test the most deadly weapon in its arsenal, we will have no alternative but to use the most deadly weapon in ours,” Mr. Bush said. “And that weapon is Ann Coulter.”

Mr. Bush did not indicate how and when Ms. Coulter would be fired towards Pyongyang, but most military experts believe that she has already been loaded onto a nuclear submarine and could be launched at any moment.

At the United Nations, an emergency session of the Security Council was convened to discourage the U.S. from deploying Ms. Coulter, who is seen by many in the international community as the ultimate doomsday weapon.

Fears abound that if Ms. Coulter were fired towards Pyongyang, she would spew noxious fumes that could lay waste to the entire Korean peninsula and might even destroy Japan and parts of China.

A spokesperson for Ms. Coulter today acknowledged that her client had the power to destroy large areas of Asia, but said that she was “stoked” about the mission.

“If destroying Asia will help Ann sell more books, she’s up for it,” the spokesperson said.

Elsewhere, a new study shows that a person using a cell phone during a thunderstorm could be struck by lightning, while a person using a cell phone during a movie should be struck by lightning.