The law is an ass…

So said Charles Dickens in Oliver Twist.

As a convenient case in point, we read:

A University of Minnesota student from Wisconsin thought he was doing the right thing when he called 911 to report a possible case of alcohol poisoning. But he wound up with a $140 ticket for being an underage drinker.

……., 20, was at a party in a Minnetonka hotel in December when he was told that an 18-year-old woman had passed out. After police responded to Stremer’s 911 call, he admitted he had been drinking beer.

Of all the idiotic…

What kind of country believes 18 year olds can be sent off to die in military action, tries to prosecute children as adults, yet would deny a 20 year old man (or the 18 year old soldier for that matter) a beer?

Talk about some twisted priories and perspectives…



By request I’ve removed the name since it was showing high on google search results.  FWIW, the newspaper articles, caches, etc. are still out there but every little bit helps.


One thought on “The law is an ass…

  1. Great quote from Dickens, with a nice double meaning.

    To me, this is another case in point for repealing laws criminalizing being young and having alcohol. Other countries don’t, and have fewer problems with it than we do.

    Underage people in Minnesota might like to read my blog article “Underage Consumption > Do I Have to Submit a Breath Sample to Police Upon Request in Minnesota?” at (when not driving.)

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